Dear members,

RISM PMVS Division | PEPS were invited by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVAEA) to be part of the Malaysian Estate Agency Standards (MEAS) Revision Committee to review and amend, if necessary, the MEAS Second Edition, 2014, to be in line with current needs/requirements. MEAS Second Edition, for the time being, is enforced by BOVAEA on practitioners in the Estate Agency practise.

Due to the low response, Kindly take this chance to participate in the review of the current MEAS Second Edition by highlighting any actual and/or potential pressing issues/discrepancies you have discovered in the current Standards that may not be practical and/or applicable in the field. You may also recommend how the MEAS can be further improved on.

Your feedback and contribution will greatly help BOVAEA to amend and improve the standards for our common good.

Please submit your feedback to us by 23 July 2017.

Thank you.