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1. Title of the Professional Examination

The Professional Examinations in:

  •  Quantity Surveying
  •  Property Management, Valuation & Estate Agents Surveying
  •  Building Surveying

shall consist of the following:

  • Foundation Examination
  • First Examination
  • Intermediate Examination
  • Final Examination
  • Direct Final Examination

2.  Examination Centres & Dates

The Examinations are held in or about the month of May in Petaling Jaya and other centres as decided by Council.

3.  Syllabuses

Candidates will take the examinations on the syllabuses published by The Institution. These syllabuses may be obtained from the Royal Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia, 3rd Floor, Bangunan Juruukur (RISM), 64-66, Jalan 52/4, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

4.  Application

Application to sit for a professional examination must be made on the prescribed form obtainable from The Institution.

Application forms duly signed by a Member of The Institution and the Candidate’s Principal must be submitted to the Examination Secretary of The Institution not later than 31 January of the year preceding the examinations together with the examination fees.

Candidates must submit their applications either personally or by registered post or by ordinary letter post provided that they obtain from the Post Office a certificate of posting.

The receipt of all applications will be acknowledged by The Institution. Candidates must ensure that they receive an acknowledgement of their applications.

5.  Use of Books in Examination Halls

No books may be taken into the examination hall except those prescribed in the instructions which are sent to all candidates before sitting.

6.  Fees

Council may, from time to time, prescribe the fees payable by candidates for the examinations. The fees that may be prescribed will be as follows:

a. Enrollment Fees

These are to be those prescribed for applications for enrolment to the Attached Classes of The Institution as follows:

Entrance /Admin Fee
Annual Subscription
RM 30.00
RM 40.00
RM 60.00

b. Fee for each examination subject:

Examination Per Subject
Fee (RM)
Foundation Examination
First Examination
Intermediate Examination
Final Examination
Minimum of 2 subjects
per sitting
Direct Final Examination
Minimum of 2 subjects
per sitting

c. Other Fees:

Processing for Exemption
RM 10/subject
RM 50/subject

d. Penalty fees

  1. Penalty Fee for Late Entry:- 100% of (2) above
  2.  Forfeitures for Withdrawals:-
    1.  At any time up to 4 weeks 50% of (2) above
    2.  Within 4 weeks of examination 100% of (a) above

No candidates for any examination will be enrolled before the payment of the relevant fees prescribed in this rule have been made. Candidates withdrawing from the examinations at any time up to four weeks before the said examinations will forfeit 50% of their fees. Those withdrawing within four weeks of the said examinations will forfeit 100% of their fees.

A candidate who absents himself from the whole examination will forfeit all his fees. If he produces a medical certificate acceptable to Council certifying that he was made incapable of sitting the examinations due to illness, the return of the whole or part of the examination subject fees will be at the discretion of Council.

7. Past Year Papers

  1.  Rules and guide to the Professional Exam The Professional Exam:
RM 15.00/copy
RM 7.00/copy
RM 6.00/copy

Alternatively, you may send the cheque/money order for the exact amount plus another RM3.00 for the postage for the question papers and a copy of the Exam Syllabus. 

8. Appeals

A candidate dissatisfied with the marking of his answer papers may appeal to the Examination Board within one month from the date of the publication of the results. The Board’s decision on any appeal of this nature shall be final.

The Board shall not consider any appeal before the payment of the fee at Rule 6. Seventy five percent (75%) of this fee shall be returned to the candidate should his appeal be successful.

9. Pass Marks

The pass mark for each of the subjects in the Foundation, First, Intermediate, Final and Direct Final Examinations shall be 50%.

10. Publication of Results of Examinations

Action to inform the candidates and to publish the results of each examination will be taken by Council as early as possible after receipt of the report from the Examination Board.

11. Amendments To Rules

These Rules shall be prescribed and published by Council and may be amended from time to time to take cognizance of technological developments that affect the science of surveying and the changing needs of the country.

Downloading of Examination Forms

Click on the following to download the respective forms, print and send it back to RISM Secretariat Office.